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Title:  The Teenager's Guide to Money

Isbn: 978-1847242020

Author:  Jonathan Self
Publisher: Quercus; UK ed. edition (6 Sept. 2007)

Book Size; 11.1 x 2 x 17.8 cm

Pages: 208
Price: £9.99

Jonathan Self's user-friendly guide demystifies every aspect of money and money management, covering such critical topics as bank accounts, living on a budget, the dangers of credit cards, and how to cope with money at university. But The Teenager's Guide to Money not only addresses crucial money matters for the teenager and young adult, it also looks forward to the key financial decisions that will need to be made once the teenager becomes an ex-teenager. The Teenager's Guide to Money treats what can be the driest and most daunting of topics with the lightest and easiest of touches. Rich in information and advice, but also accessible, easy to follow and entertaining to read, this is a book that parents should ensure finds its way into the hands of every teenager. In fact, so clear and coherent is the counsel it offers, that it wouldn't be a bad idea if the book was read by parents themselves, just in case they've forgotten its core message that having enough money has very little to do with how much money you earn, and a great deal to do with how well you manage it.

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