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Title: Quest For The Rare Leaf

ISBN 978-0-9926863-2-1

Author: Olabode Ogulana

Publisher: Books of Africa Ltd

Book Size: 13.1 x 1.2 x 19.4 cm

Price: £8.99

Love usually wins but Olabode Ogunlana’s vividly drawn characters in Yoruba Love Stories suffer from separation, mistaken identity, ethnic conflict, self-doubt and jealousy. The author tells these stories beautifully, with an ear for the nuances of Yoruba, bringing the tales to life for contemporary audiences. In a companion volume, The Quest for the Rare Leaf and other Yoruba Tales, Ogunlanashares the Yoruba folklore oral tradition that stretches back centuries. Both Yorubaand non-Yoruba speakers will discover a world of noble farmers,women warriors, and over-reaching kings, checked by their subjects.

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