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Title: The Man With The Stick

ISBN 978-0-9935036-2-7

Author: David Hughes

Book Size: 19.5 x 1.9 x 13.2 cm

Price: £6.99

David Hughes has been a resident of Botswana for the past 20 years. Although the action in one story - The Bicycle Pump - is set in nearby Malawi, and another - Two Guitars and a Cigarette Lighter - in Manchester, the whole collection centres around David's beloved Flamingo Bar in northern Botswana and the richly layered Tswana culture of that vast African land. A lifelong Afrophile, Hughes not only writes with a sharp wit but also demonstrates great affection and respect both for Botswana and its people. Further, Hughes' collection bears witness to his love of other Africans from neighbouring countries who make up the uniqe micro-culture of Flamingo Bar.

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