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Title: The Coming of Night

ISBN 0-7112-1323-2

Author: James Riordan

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Book Size: 270 x 214 x 3 mm

Price: £10.99

Long, long ago, when the earth was new, the great river goddess Yemoya sent her daughter Aje to marry a handsome earth chief in the Land of Shining Day. At first Aje was happy, but soon she started to pine for the cool shadows of her mother's realm. So her husband asked Crocodile and Hippopotamus to bring Aje a sackful of Night. As they carried it back, the animals heard strange noises coming from the sack - and curiosity finally got the better of them...

James Riordan's retelling of a Yoruba tale, vividly illustrated by Jenny Stow, gives an enchanting explanation of the coming of night to our world.

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