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Title:  Sugar Plum Ballerinas: Terrible Terrel
Isbn:  9780768852635

Author:Whoopi Goldberg

Publisher: Jump at the Sun
Book Size: 19 x 13 cms PB

Length:  151 Pages
Price: £3.99

Terrel is always in charge, whether she's making lists for grocery shopping, keeping her dad and older brother in line, or organizing her ballet friends.  Laely, though, her dad's been acting strange - wearing new clothes and way too much aftershave.  Soon, Terrel's worst suspicions are confirmed; dad has a girlfield.  And every Saturday, the girlfriend takes care of her niece - Terrel's nemesis, Taira Girl!

With some help from her Sugar Plum Sisters, Terrel takes charge of breaking up her dad's ne relationship

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