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Serving Children of Colour Around The World


Title:  Somatesthesia
Isbn:  978-1609280192
Author: Ann Somerville
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (1 Mar. 2011)
Book Size: 14 x 2 x 21.6 cm

Pages: 272

Price: £10.55

Sensual overload can be a tactical disadvantage. Devlin Grace's experience with child exploitation cases lands him a new assignment with the Special Crimes Investigators unit of the Federal Justice Agency, plus a new partner who could make the job tougher than expected. Connor Hutchens possesses incredible, scientifically enhanced senses...and zero social skills. Word on the street is that his last partner left under a cloud-and it was Connor's fault. Connor blames himself for losing his previous partner, and wants to do right by his new one. But Devlin confuses and frustrates him, and he struggles to cope with Devlin's swift intelligence, quirky humor and teasing sexuality. With the dangerous, perplexing case facing them, there's no one Devlin would rather have at his back than Connor. But the longer they work together, the higher the sexual tension rises-until attraction boils over and puts everything at risk. Their careers, the children they're trying to save-and any chance of lasting love. Warning: Violence and non-graphic reference to mutilations. But also snarking, teasing, why

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