God Behind The Scenes: From Niggas To African Americans

God Behind The Scenes: From Niggas to African American

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Publisher : Reverend Maurice F. Scott Dr (13 Aug. 2017)

  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 208 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 0989126021
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0989126021
  • Dimensions : 21.59 x 1.19 x 27.94 cm







GOD Behind the Scenes ~ From Niggas to African Americans ~ Negro HistoryKeywords: (Disconnect, Miscegenation, Providence, Change, Identity)Through this book, “The Revelations GOD/Black Theodicy-Sufferings,” we will understand that GOD orchestrated, under HIS special attention, the making of the Negroid nation within this United States of America. Like GOD’s invisible presence was in the Book of Esther, controlling every incident from the beginning to the end, HE manifested a nation within a nation. Now, speaking about the Negro, now the African American, HE used beginning with Noah’s curse of the descendants of Ham, to turn it into a great blessing, who became the Negro, now is known as the African American. Under the following subtopics came forth great contributions to these United States of America and the world: Nigga (Nigger); Negro; Colored; Blacks and the now African American. Prior to these subtopics was a generalization of the dark-skinned children of Ham, which we will call Africans. There are fifty-four distinct nations with their social and cultural habits which from these nations make up the ingredients of the Negro or now the African American. Egypt, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Madagascar, Botswana and Angola are seven named for the fifty-four presently listed under the generalization title of Africans. Not only is the Negro made up from these tribal nations, but also from the first Americans such as Choctaw, Cherokee, Sioux and many other first American nations. Oh, not to omit the whites slave owners and mistresses, who engaged privately with blacks and sometimes publicly in sexual affairs to help make the Negroid race unique in color, calling them under the Negro title, mulattoes. So, the family of the Negro is not only Africans, but Native Americans, Europeans and Asians.