Clever Carmel

Clever Carmel






Title: CLEVER CARMEL: Creates Her Own World Cup Style

Isbn: 9781999809119
Author: Henrietta Nwagwu-Rochford
Conscious Dreams Publishing

Book Size: 20.3 x 0.3 x 20.3 cm

Price: £6.99



Clever Carmel is a really smart mixed-race girl who lives in south London in England with her Nigerian mother and English father, two

little sisters and one little brother. World Cup fever is everywhere - it’s even something she’s learning about at school. When her teacher

asks the class to each do a little project about the country they plan to support in the World Cup, Carmel is over the moon as she is

football crazy.

However, Carmel’s excitement soon turns into confusion as she’s not sure which country to choose. Which team should she support?

England or Nigeria? What would her parents think? What shirt should she wear? With a twist of her magical afro bunches, can Clever Carmel

find a way to solve her dilemma?