The Ever Lasting Rose

The Ever Lasting Rose






Title:  The Belles The Everlasting Rose

Isbn: 978-1473223998
Author: Dhionielle Clayton
Publisher: Gollancz (7 Mar. 2019)
Book Size:

Pages: 352 

Price: £8.58

Camellia and her sisters are Belles. Only they can make us beautiful.

All our lives, my sisters and I have served the people of Orleans.    For years, they've held their abilities against us. Not anymore.   Now the queen

hunts us because we know the truth about the rightful heir.  Camellia murdered our princess and fled with her sisters.  The princess is still alive,

and we'll help her take back the throne.  Together, we will return the Belles to their rightful place.  The queen wants us caged. But we will not go

quietly.  Then they will give us what we deserve: beauty, everlasting.   We demand our freedom. No matter what the cost.  The New York Times

bestselling series of beauty, obsession, and magic.