Renae's Magical Wellington Boots

Renae's Magical Wellington Boots








AUTHOR: Adenike Jones

ISBN: 978-1912551194

PUBLISHER: Conscious Dreams Publishing (7 May 2018)

BOOK SIZE: 20.3 x 0.4 x 20.3 cm

PRICE: £7.99



When Renae is given a pair of wellington boots for her 9th birthday, she always had an idea that they were not just your typical wellingtons.

But she never imagined they would take her to a magical place full of wonder. What harm could taking her wellingtons off cause in such a

beautiful place? It’s not long before she finds out and suddenly finds herself and her new found friends, Alex and Charlotte captured by

Elenora, a tall, mean, unpleasant woman that takes ownership of her beautiful wellingtons.  They have to find a way of getting back home

before darkness falls. Together the children form a plan, but it’s doesn’t go without its hitches and upsets. Is it all in her imagination?