Title: In Pursuit of Purpose

ISBN: 978-1560431039

Author: Dr Myles Munroe

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

Book Size: 13 x 1.3 x 20.3 cm

Price: £13.99

Do you want to know the true meaning of your life, fulfill your dreams, and unlock your destiny? It all starts with discovering your life

purpose. This doesn’t just happen overnight—it is a journey.

To successfully travel the road towards finding personal fulfillment and significance, there are specific key decisions you need to make.

These decisions are actually secrets to finding the motivation to pursue your life’s purpose...even when you encounter difficult

circumstances or struggle with hopelessness.

In the motivating style that made Dr. Myles Munroe one of the premier communicators of his generation, In Pursuit of Purpose gives

you the keys to fulfilling the very things that you were put on Earth to do.

With a foreword by Ben Kinchlow and letter of remembrance by Simon T. Bailey, this book brings you into what feels like an intimate

conversation with Dr. Munroe as he shares the essential principles, precepts, and concepts that will help you begin the journey to

understanding your purpose and fulfilling your destiny.




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