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Serving Children of Colour Around The World


Title: My Holy Bible
Isbn No.9780310719878

Publisher: Zondervan

Size: 13.9 x 4.1 x 22.2 cm

Price: £15.99

To introduce a bible that people of colour can appreciate – not only that; it’s geared towards our children the next generation who are at a vulnerable stage in their lives that there is hope . Its adapted to the interests of 8-14 year olds and allows parents who want to get children engaged in “the word” to have a point of reference to go to for the true images of old.

Its written in the King James version but in a much simplier form z with beautiful African l images of the giants of old, Esther, Joseph, Adam & Eve stores that children all know.

It provides inspiration quotes from our present heroes President Obama and past heros, Martin Luther King, rosa Parks, Jessee owen & George Washing Carver just to name a few.

With large print, making it easier to follow, Concordence for reference, words of Jesus Christ are in Red a gift for your child that can be passed on from generation to generation.

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