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Serving Children of Colour around the world


Isbn: 9780007163489
Author: Jane McDonald
Publisher: Harper Collins
Book Size: 12.9 x 19.8 cm

Pages: 160

Price: £5.99

The story of Aisha, teenage mother of two from the New York Projects, who is going nowhere. But when her welfare benefits are stopped, she has to find a job. Chill Wind charts Aisha’s struggle as she transforms herself from workshy teenager to TV star.

Aisha is nineteen with two children and a no-good boyfriend. Her idea of the good life is hanging with friends, dancing and chilling to music. But things get a bit too ‘chilly’ when she receives sixty days’ notice of termination of her welfare benefits. No way is Aisha going to do menial work for WorkFare. Then she sees a TV advert for BigModels. Aisha is pretty enough, and big enough, is this the way out for her?

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