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Serving Children of Colour Around The World


Title:   Big Doc Bitteroot
Isbn:   9780333583166
Author: C Everard Palmer

Publisher: macMillan Caribbean

Book Size: 18 x 12 cms

Length:160 Pages

Price: £8.25

Kendal was just an ordinary village until Doc Bitteroot came into tow.  It was wartime and Nathan Berwick was the acknowledged leader of the community.  But he couldn't stand Doc Bitteroot.  He recognised him at one for the charlatan he was; their first meeting ended in a punch-up that had the whole village agog.

However DOck stayed on; they adored him, the more he cheated them the more they admired him for his nerve.  But doc was the kind of man who had to go too far, and when he tried his phoney cures on someone who was reallly sick there was trouble.

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